Programs and Projects

Cornerstone Landing Youth Services works to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness by providing direct support and/or financial assisstance to youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness between the ages of 16-24.

For assistance: 
Please call our Housing First Case Worker(s):
Chris Wright - 613-612-3465 or 
Elle Halladay - 613-430-4441


Housing First Case Workers: 

One of Cornerstone Landing's Housing First Case Workers will assist youth with:
  • finding housing,
  • registering in school,
  • securing financial assistance through Ontario Works or a Voluntary Youth Services Agreement,
  • working with landlords,
  • financial support for basic needs such as clothing or food
  • referrals to other community services,
  • managing their finances,
  • attending appointments,
  • seeking employment etc.

Cornerstone Landing recognizes that each young person is unique and so too should their plan for support be.  We believe in self-determination and will follow the lead of the young people we serve in providing them with the support they need in the manner they prefer and when they are ready.  We also adopt an evidence based Housing First approach.  We believe individuals have a right to housing without preconditions.  We will do what we can to ensure youth secure housing as soon as possible. 

Ontario Works Trustee: 
Young people age 16 and 17, who cannot live at home, may be eligible to secure financial assistance from Ontario Works.  To do so, they must have a legal trustee over the age of 18 who will attend their Ontario Works appointments and assist them with their finances.  Our Housing First Case Workers will act as trustees for those youth who do not have someone responsible in their lives to help them in this capacity. 

Rent Supplements / Financial Assistance:
Most young people securing Ontario Works do not have enough money to secure housing.  Ontario works provides just under $400.00 per month for housing (including utilities).  Hence, Cornerstone Landing fundraises each year to provide financial assistance of up to $200 per month in the form of rent supplements or gift certificates for basic needs such as food, hygiene supplies and clothing.  These funds can make the difference between securing housing and being homeless for many young people. 

Transitional Housing - now closed:
In 2017, Cornerstone Landing was proud to open the first ever Youth Transistional Housing program for young people age 16-24 who had been or were at risk of being homeless.  Youth were selected to stay in the transitional home, based on their need for a safe, stable,  and supportive  environment. Our transitional housing program included a live-in adult, as well as regular check-ins and support offered by our Housing Case Workers. The program offered affordable rents for youth ($400.00 per month), in a large 4 bedroom home in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Youth had the opportunity to develop necessary life skills, secure employment and attend school in a safe stable housing option.  Unfortunatly, the funding for this program ended in 2018.  

Family Reconnection:
In June of 2013, Cornerstone Landing conducted a survey of 392 students in Perth, Ontario. Students from 2 high schools were asked a series of questions about homelessness.  One of the important questions asked was, "If you became homeless would you have a safe place to go?" The overwhelming majorty of young people answered "yes" and that became the basis of our Cornerstone Landing program.  We began fundraising to provide young people with financial support to stabilize their housing.   With a little financial support many of our young peole find permanent homes with extended family or the parents of their friends or partners.  We also have young people return to their parent's homes or reconnect with a parent they haven't lived with in years.  Regardless of the nature of the natural support, Cornerstone Landing has engaged a private therapist in Carleton Place to provide family counseling to youth in our program who would like to resolve family conflict, plan to move home or want help maintaining their current housing situation.  Referrals to Allison Adamovits, MSW, RSW shall be made through our Housing Case Worker.  

Basic Needs and Emergency Supplies: 
Thanks to the many generous donations from community members of hygiene supplies, food and cleaning supplies, Cornerstone Landing is able to help many young people supplement their income by helping with these basic needs.  We will always accept donations of new and unused:
Hand Cream
Shaving supplies
Body Wash
Cleaning Supplies
We also support several young moms each year with young children. If you would like more information about the supplies these young moms could use, please call us.

By Name List:
Cornerstone Landing was proud to work in cooperation with the County of Lanark and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness to make Lanark County a 2017 Canadian Pilot Site for a rural youth By Name List (BNL).  A BNL is a service delivery tool in which a live list of people (in this case youth) is maintained to ensure that the individuals struggling the most with their housing receive the support they need to become stable and safely housed.  

    "Lanark County has been fairly consistently on the cutting edge of the responses to youth homelessness in Canada and we have observed that.  So, we were really pleased to invite Lanark and Terrilee and Cornerstone to be part of a pilot project in Canada under our 20K Homes Campaign.  So, the 20k homes campaign is basically a movement of communities working together to house 20K of Canada’s most vulnerable people. In addition to housing all those people we are working with communities to put in place those systems that have been proven to end homelessness and one of those is a By Name List"    
                                                                                                                                                            Tim Richter, CEO, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness


Tiny Homes - for Emergency and Affordable Housing:
Cornerstone Landing was excited to partner with Algonquin College (Perth Campus) to build a Tiny Home prototype to be used as emergency housing for youth. Our next step will be to build a Tiny Home village for Safe Affordable and Supported Youth (SASY) long term Housing in Lanark County.  A review of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness in Lanark County demonstrates the dire need for affordable housing across the County for all ages.  The goal of this project will be to build small modular Tiny Homes in each community in Lanark County for youth age 16-24.  Supports will be provided to each tenant through our Housing First Case Worker(s).  

National Alliance the End Rural and Remote Homelessenss (NAERRH):
Terrilee Kelford, Chair of Cornerstone Landing Youth Services is also Co-Chair of the National Alliance to End Rural and Remote Homelessness, an allied Network of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness and a national network of individuals, organizations and municipalities focused on supporting small communities across Canada prevent, reduce and end homelessness.  
Given the right set of circumstances, anyone can fall into homelessness

But by supporting Cornerstone Landing you offer hope, shelter and a furture to those youth in need.