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Tiny Homes Project

This year, we started building our first Tiny Home of many! Click here to see how the first tiny home is coming along & check back for the date of the grand reveal!
Click here


Cornerstone Landing has relied heavily on the generosity of our local community to come out and support our fundraising and awareness events. Each year we host several BIG events, such as Coldest Night of the Year in February and our Golf Trounament in June.  We are also fortunate to have local community members host events for us such as One Cold Night hosted in November each year.
Check the events section above for a list of our events, or if you would like to host your own, please let us know. We are happy to work together to raise awareness and funds to support our local youth. 

​Thank you in advance.
"The way you guys are set up at Cornerstone Landing is perfect for youth. You help youth get the basic's started like housing, jobs. I graduated highschool when I was with you guys."  Cornerstone Landing client age 20

By supporting Cornerstone Landing, you offer hope for those youth in need.